Sex Questions from Teens

(from 26 June 2012)

A reader messaged Matt at his website to ask some questions.

Q. What should I do if I find out that my parents use pornography?

Matt: Don’t worry about it. A lot of adults use pornography for a lot of different reasons. If a couple has pornography, they may be using it together to add to their sex life. It’s not easy to think about your parents having a sex life, but believe me, you are better off as a young person if they do than if they don’t. A couple that aren’t having sex, because they are too stressed or angry, will have a harder time being good parents to you. Sex is an important part of the intimacy of any couple — it makes them feel closer. Honestly, any type of sexual activity that an adult couple chooses together, that doesn’t cause any injury, is okay.

It’s possible the pornography is being used by only one of your parents, but honestly, you don’t need to know who is using it or in what way. Just understand that pornography is very popular, and used by a lot of people, and that using pornography does not make a person bad. In Teen Guide, I recommend that teenagers not use porno, but I also say that it’s not harmful to people who understand the difference between reality and fantasy.

Q. I am experiencing pain when urinating. What should I do?

Matt: I am NOT a doctor and cannot give medical advice. Even online medical-advice sites are only useful to give you an idea of what you should talk to the doctor about. You should tell your parents you need to see the doctor.

— originally posted at Matt Posner’s website


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