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Question for Matt & Jess: Um. What is this? Why is my boyfriend checking out this site?
– Reader Email, 2013

MATT:  Hi — thanks for your question. I would invite you and your boyfriend to submit questions together and separately.

JESS: I would invite you and your boyfriend to submit questions too, if there’s something on your mind! If you like, you could submit questions by yourself or with your boyfriend :)

To answer your question, this is a blog where readers can submit questions to the authors of Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships (2012).

The about page has more information on the book and authors.

Maybe there’s a subject your boyfriend would like to discuss with you, so he was “looking up” on some information first.


One comment

  1. Andy

    She cared about me,she loved to call me on the phone just to hear my voice,she shared her secrets and problems with me.But the arrival of a new classmate,Peter,spoiled everything,she no longer come close to me but only calls on the phone.she now goes closer to this boy each passing day.It seemed she never loved (or may doesn’t love any more),so i decided never to answer her call and i also warned her to be careful with,so she decided not to talk to me at all.For the past one year,we have been i the same class at school but we’ve not been talking to each other while she has been coping well with the other boy but not like before.People normally tell me that she loved me and despite all odds that she still loves me.
    1) Pls how do i know that she loves me,despite not talking to me.
    2) How do i test her towards me?
    3) Do i move on or go back to her?
    4) I love her,but how do i overcome the shame to get her back?

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